Chamber Info



  • Business categorical listing on Chamber website,, with direct link to your web site. 25,000 visitors to per month.
  • Business category and alpha listing in Chamber Guide and Directory. Directory mailed annually to 6,000 households, and 1,000 businesses in Sausalito.
  • Brochure & Business Card Display opportunities at the chamber office
  • Opportunity to be listed on the Sausalito Visitor’s Map. 100,000 maps are distributed annually to tourists through the Sausalito Visitor’s Center, and concierge staff at major San Francisco and Bay Area hotels.
  • Opportunities for cooperative advertising, event sponsorship. Events include the annual Concierge Tour, Bay to Barkers Dog Show, the Gingerbread House Tour and many other visitor promotional programs.



Professional events at which you can expand your network of business referral contacts:

  • Monthly Biz X (Business Exchange) Meetings
  • Monthly Mixers
  • Weekly B2B e-newsletters
  • Special Committee Meetings and Forums
  • Community Events and Activities
  • Professional Development and Educational programs and events



Through the Business Advisory Council, Business Economic Development and other
committee participation, chamber board members and staff meet monthly with City
staff, elected officials and key opinion leaders. This collective voice participation
allows increased access to address issues affecting maintenance and promotion of
your business, on a city, state, and national level.


We encourage our members to ReMember to eat, drink, shop and do business with
fellow Chamber members. Take advantage of the many Member to Member
discounts and your membership can pay itself in a matter of months. See enclosed a
list of discounts currently being offered by Chamber members.



Members can participate in groups which best strengthen their business: Business
Economic Development, Hospitality, Education and Training, Membership, and
Special Events.



Each year, there are many annual, special events in which to celebrate and
participate. The Chamber sponsors and co-sponsors, the following: Artists Open
Studios, Caledonia Street Faire, Celebrate Sausalito Chili Cook-Off, Gingerbread
House Tour, Jazz by the Bay and Sausalito Art Festival.


(For as little as 64 cents per day, you can become a Chamber business member)


Donwload the "Benefits of Membership" pdf here



I owe a great deal of my business success to the Sausalito Chamber. I am not exaggerating when I say that I would probably not be in business if it weren't for the Chamber. I joined in 1994 and over the years I have calculated (being the good CPA, of course) that up to 35% of my clients as well as 35% of my revenue has come from Chamber members and/or referrals from those great clients. The business did not come through advertising, but through networking and actively supporting the Chamber through volunteering on committees and on the Board. I've also poured my share of wine and participated in many fun Chamber functions. As a result, I have met many wonderful people who have become great friends if not clients. 


- Cathy Stierhoff


I have enjoyed being an active member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce for nearly 20 years. We have renewed again this year as it has been good for  buisness and for doing buisness with other members. Word of mouth is the best advertizing and providing excellent chiropractic and massage services has been great for everyone involved. I try to use local services with local members whenever possible.


- Eva Dahl


Gene Hiller Menswear has been a member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce for 35 years.  Our current Chamber has been the most productive in most difficult times.  The Chamber's ability to network Businesses and City officals has been priceless.


- Tom Gangitano, VP Gene Hiller Inc.


I want to thank you for encouraging me to join the Chamber of Commerce. After coming back to manage the gallery that Scott and I have owned in Sausalito for over twenty-five years, joining the Chamber of Commerce was the best thing I could have done for our business.

Today, I went to my first Bix X meeting, I was so impressed with the group. Their professionalism and the willingness to assist each other was refreshing. Already I feel so much more a part of this community and the interesting mix of people that make our city so special.

On a personal note, I have found Oonagh to be a dynamic, engaging and a passionate leader for our Chamber. I look forward to being part of the business community and contributing in any way I can.


-Hanson Gallery


Nautilus of Marin Health Club has been a member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce for years. Dollar for dollar it is the most effective means we have to market our business. The contacts and networking opportunities  have been invaluable. Plus, the Chamber acts a strong voice for the business community in all local/government related issues. I canít imagine not being a part of the Sausalito Chamber!î


- Jim Zayac, Regional Manager at Nautilus of Marin

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I work with the Chamber to build my business network?


Your Chamber membership is similar to a gym membership. The more you attend and participate in the activities, the more you will gain and achieve. The goal of all Chamber programs is to provide the opportunity to make new contacts, and strengthen the relationships you have.


2. Who are Chamber members?


The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce has a membership of approximately 345
members, representing a wide variety of businesses related to services, hospitality,
dining, shopping, lodging, attractions, transportation, and consultants.


3. If my company is a Chamber member, am I a member as well?


Yes, when your company is a member, all the employees have full access to
Chamber events, programs, and activities. There are some exceptions to this rule so
please feel free to contact Oonagh Kavanagh at 415-331-7262 Ext. 12 if you need
further clarification.


4. How do I join a committee?


The Chamber’s various committees (Biz-X, Membership, Mixer committee) create the
content and activities of their respective program. You can contribute as a member,
or depending upon your level of expertise and experience, as a committee chair. For
more information, call Oonagh Kavanagh, Chamber CEO at 415-331-7262 Ext 12.


5. How do I figure out which meetings I should attend?


You are welcome at all of them. Mixers tend to be more for social and business
networking. Biz X hosts a set agenda, involving Chamber, City, and Community
representatives, and we are currently developing a series of bi-monthly educational
programs and lectures.


Download the "FAQ" pdf here






The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce runs over 30 events and programs every year and coordinates 10 different organizational Committees. We are always in need of volunteers to help us organize successful and fun events and to keep our Committees energized and effective.


Volunteering is a great way to meet and get to know your fellow residents and business people AND to help support and promote our great Sausalito community. Make a Difference today!


TO SIGN UP or to find out more information about these volunteer opportunities, please contact Oonagh Kavanagh, CEO Chamber of Commerce by phone at 331-7262 ext 12 or email







> Mixers 3rd Thursday of every month, Jan-Dec

Co-Chairs: Chris Gallagher, Joseph Smith, Lisa Theodores

Raffle Sellers: Joseph Smith and Lynn Spiller


> Biz X Business Information Exchange Meetings 2nd Tuesday of every month, Jan-Dec

Co-Chairs: Sally Calef, Deborah Royston & Sandy Allen


> Biz Ed, Business Education Seminars Wed. Feb 27, May 22, Aug 21 & Nov 6

Co-Chairs: Sandra Esposito & Amra Dizdarevic


> Concierge Tour Wed. May 1

Chair: Marina O’Neill & Aaron Singer


> Sausalito Film Festival Fri.– Sun. May 17 –19

Co-Chairs: Oonagh Kavanagh & Cheryl Popp


> Chamber Food Booth at Jazz by the Bay June 14

Co-Chairs: Oonagh Kavanagh & Deborah Royston


> America’s Cup (AC34) July – Sept 2013

Co-Chairs: Jeff Scharosch, Chief Jennifer Tejada & James Gabbert


> Chamber Food Booth at Sausalito Art Festival Sat. – Mon. Aug 31 – Sept 1

Co-Chairs: Doug Eng, Tom Campagna, Oonagh Kavanagh & Cathy Stierhoff


> Sail Fest Sun. Oct 6

Chair: Marina O’Neill


> Celebrate Sausalito Fri. Oct 25

Co-Chairs: Kim Huff & Oonagh Kavanagh

> Halloween Thur. Oct 31

Co-Chairs: Oonagh Kavanagh & Kim Huff


> Gingerbread House Tour Dec 1 – 31

Co-Chairs: Yolanda Finstad & Oonagh Kavanagh


> Sausalito 2nd Annual Winterfest Fri. – Sun. Dec 13 – 15

Co-Chairs: Jeff Scharosch & Merv Regan


> Lighted Boat Parade Sat. Dec 14

Chair: Merv Regan & SYC Committee




> BAC Business Advisory & Economic Development

Committee: Cheryl Popp, Joe Lemon, Jeff Scharosch & Chris Gallagher


> Caledonia Street Merchants Meetings

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Nebot, Yoshi Tome & Oonagh Kavanagh


> Financial Advisory

Committee: Tom Campagna, Mike Stone, Cathy Stierhoff, Phil Eubank & Oonagh Kavanagh


> Hospitality Business Development

Sausalito Chamber Representatives: Oonagh Kavanagh & Jeff Scharosch


> Marin Economic Forum

Sausalito Chamber Representatives: Oonagh Kavanagh & Jeff Scharosch


> Marketing Website, Sausalito App and PR

Co-Chairs: Cheryl Popp, Marina O’Neill, Kim Huff & Oonagh Kavanagh


> Membership & Biz Ed

Chairs: Lisa Scopazzi & Amra Dizdarevic

Committee: Dolores Cordell, Sandra Esposito, Jeanette Malford, Marjorie Thomas, David Keller, Yolanda Finstad, Chris Gallagher, Oonagh Kavanagh & Joseph Smith


> Nominating Committee

Tom Campagna, Ann Arnott, Sally Calef, Chris Gallagher & Cathy Stierhoff

Events & Networking

The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities for members to meet, network and socialize.


Monthly Biz X Meetings:

Biz X is an abbreviation for “Business Information Exchange”. Biz X Meetings are hled on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, from 8:30-10:00am.


Biz X is a monthly business meeting where Chamber members, the Chamber President and CEO, the City Manager and representatives from the Chamber Board of Directors and City Council meet to discuss current business issues and to promote upcoming events and programs.


The Biz X Committee set the Agenda of topics to be presented and discussed, one week in advance of the meeting and the Agenda is emailed our to members via our B2B enewsletter, on the Friday prior to the meeting. If you would like to have a particular topic discussed at the meeting, please contact the Chamber at 331-7262 or email two weeks prior the meeting.


Monthly Mixers:

Chamber Mixers are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, from 5:30-7:30pm. Mixers are an opportunity for both Chamber and non-Chamber members to meet and network, in an informal setting.


The locations of the Biz X Meeting and the Mixers vary each month. Hosting a Biz X Meeting or a Mixer is a great opportunity to showcase you business. We have already scheduled our locations for 2013 but if you are interested in being a host in 2014, please contact the Chamber at 331-7262 or email



Sausalito is proud to host a wide range of special events and activities, year-round, for old and young alike.


One of the most important events held every year is the Sausalito Art Festival which attracts thousands of people to Sausalito over Labor Day weekend.  The Sausalito Chamber runs a food booth at the Sausalito Art Festival, along with many of the other non-profit organizations in Sausalito. We encourage Chamber members to volunteer to work at the food booth as it is a great opportunity to meet other Chamber members and business people as well as local residents and visitors to town.


No matter what the season, Sausalito offers a full calendar of festive street fairs and parades, as well as outdoor concerts and special events on the waterfront. Such events include: The Hotel Concierge Tour in Spring, Jazz by the Bay in Gabrielson Park in Summer, Chili Cook Off and Celebrate Sausalito in Fall and the Gingerbread House in Winter. There truly is something for everyone year round.


For more detail on these events and many more, CLICK HERE to link to our Events calendar


Small Group Forums & Meetings:

The Sausalito Chamber also organizes small group forums for specific sectors of the business and resident community. Some of small group forums we host, include the Sausalito Resident Focus Group, Women in Business and the Caledonia Merchants.


If you are interested in joining one of these small groups or if would like to set up a small group forum, please contact Oonagh Kavanagh, CEO at 331-7262 ext 12 or email

The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce Business Education (Biz Ed) Program.


The Sausalito Chamber of Commerce believes in the importance of continuing business education and our Membership Committee has together a series of Educational seminars over the past 3 years.


These seminars are free and are open to Chamber members, as well as non-Chamber members at a minimum cost. Seminars are held at the Bay Model Visitor Center at 2100 Bridgeway, from 8:15 – 9:30am. Coffee and pastries are served.


The following Biz Ed Seminars have been scheduled for 2013:

  • Wed Feb 27th: Employment Law for Small Business with Dolores Cordell
  • Wed May 22nd: "Before you hit Send - Best Communication Approaches with Marla Rosner
  • Wed August 21st: Topic To be Determined
  • Wed November 6th: Taxation Tips


If you would like to attend one of these seminars or if have any suggestions for future educational seminars, please call the Chamber at 415-331-7262 xtn 10 or email